Rovereto is a bustling town of 33,000 inhabitants located in Vallagarina, on the left bank of the river Adige. The reasons and occasions to visit there, his name translated means “City of Oak”. The name dates back to Roman toponymy “roboretum.”
Mart-PiazzaThe main attraction of Rovereto is now undoubtedly the mart, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, designed by the architect. Botta, located in the heart of Corso Bettini.

The historic center of Venice plant is still very well preserved and its narrow streets reminiscent of the streets of Venice are ideal for a romantic stroll.
The Castel Veneto of Rovereto, in his charming hosts wrapped the Italian Historical War Museum with one of the most important collections of arms of Italy.
The Museo Civico (city museum) collects instead botanical collections, and mineralogical nature. The remarkable collection of relics of Ancient Greece donated to the hometown of the archaeologist Paolo Orsi.
Campana dei Caduti
Also worth a visit the monumental Peace Bell, the military shrine of Castel Dante and the fascinating Hermitage of St. Colombano.
There are numerous events that take place in Rovereto in the year by the Festival more famous as “Oriente Occidente” (contemporary dance); Mozart Festival (music by Mozart); the International Festival of Archaeological Film Festival and an important held during the Easter period.
But the events held in Rovereto are very many, write us and we will send you an updated schedule for the period of your interest.
Of considerable interest in the surroundings of Rovereto. From the right tyrol, queen of viticulture, where you will find some of the best wineries in Trentino. The plateau of Folgaria, with its carousel of increasing success is only 20 minutes. Lake Garda 16 km. The Plateau of Brentwood destination for naturalists from around the world. And Gresta Valley, known for organic farming.

Bike holidays

Many locations are accessible by bicycle, in fact Rovereto boasts a bike path that starts directly from the old town and get to Trento and Riva del Garda.